Your life just got 1,000,000 times easier….

This video was recorded in San Francisco.

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(For those of you who like to read instead of watching a video:)

Hi, conscious female founder. Thank you for coming.

The work you do is so important.

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I’ve worked with founders of every imaginable





There’s one piece where they are almost always lacking.

And the founders who master this, are the ones headlining every




media outlet

You know those ventures that just blow up, and you're sitting here thinking,

how did they do it?

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That piece is…

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That’s because, it wasn’t about “pitching.” it was actually about two things:

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Once I mastered this, “selling” (or attracting my hive of supporters and payers), became effortless.

More importantly, I was in alignment with my purpose.

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Getting there can be quite a journey.

The good news is that no matter what stage you’re at, you can always up-level your brand story. It’s like precisely tuning it to up to the frequency of the next objective you’re trying to achieve.

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Would you like to give it a try?