Tell me, Divine Mother of all life….what shall I create today?

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Many creators, inventors, and disruptors start their day with an affirmation, meditation, or prayer. This has nothing to do with religion, ethnicity, or creed.

It’s about purifying your physical and mental space, so you can lead with grace. Think of it as a bubble bath for your heart.

What if all founders and world leaders greeted the morning with a ritual for the well-being of everyone?

Goddess Leadership is not about quitting your job and going foraging in the forest for mushrooms (unless that’s your calling.)

It’s also not about…

  • Mind-altering substances

  • Legalizing pot

  • Mind-readers and psychics (unless that’s your calling)

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Goddess Leadership is most certainly about…

  • embracing our feminine wisdom as the creator of new worlds (just as our wombs can create humans, our vision can create new systems.)

  • fiercely embodying our highest purpose in service to humanity.

  • creating master plans, making decisions, and executing our work in accordance to what feels right to us/feels right in our bodies.

  • recognizing that we are a channel for what wants to come through us.

    In a word, stepping into our power.

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What does it mean to be Goddess Leader?

  • You have a vision for what we could be doing differently, to benefit and help everyone.

  • You’re willing to take action on your vision and higher purpose. In other words, you are an embodied leader.

  • When others oppose your work, you re-root yourself in your own vision and purpose.

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Why do we call it Goddess Leadership?

  • There is masculine and feminine energy in everyone, whether you are a male or female, or otherwise. Some cultures call this yang and yin. In the last few hundred years, yang, or masculine, energy has driven most of our progress as a society. But this has come with consequences. Masculine energy is known for its go-getter or ambitious vibration, which, in excess, can lead to a win-at-all-costs mentality. We see the effects of this in our society today.

  • We propose that all leaders now have a chance to create balance with our feminine energy (yin). Feminine energy helps us go inward, balance our minds with our bodies, and align ourselves with our inner truth - our higher vision or purpose. (This means good news for everyone.)


  • Female-bodied leaders intuitively understand feminine energy better than many male-bodied leaders (because our world is already so masculine-energy driven.) This isn’t to say that all men are hopeless or all women are heroes. But it is to say, let us give female visionaries a chance to take the reins and lead society, this time around.


    The good news is that we have tangible, actionable frameworks to help founders and leaders who aim to embody Goddess Leadership, re-balance themselves, re-root themselves in their higher purpose, and change the world.

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Divine feminine energy is rising in every individual across the world.

It's our duty and responsibility to see her.

Nilima Achwal