We are heralding in a new age of feminine wisdom, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

In 30 years, nothing is going to be the same.

Let us be brave. Let us create the systems and structures that support us, and all of life.

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What is ‘Goddess’ Leadership?

We each have two sides to us - masculine and feminine. While our masculine (yang) side is more analytical, logical, and practical (left-brain), our feminine (yin) side is visionary, intuitive, and purpose- or heart-driven (right-brain).

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In a word, our feminine essence is “in-to-out”, while our masculine essence is “out-to-in.” Feminine leaders consider themselves vessels or channels for what wants to come through them, as opposed to defaulting to what others are doing.

When you honor your feminine side first, you become a Goddess Leader.

Who is Goddess Leadership for?

Goddess Leadership is a good fit for you if your work is driven by a higher purpose or vision.

Why is this the age of the Goddess Leader?

In the last few hundred years, masculine thinking has built all of our industries. But this has come with consequences. By crowding out the feminine entirely, we’ve created overly logical systems that quickly turn exploitative, lacking foresight and heart.

We believe that we have reached the climax of our destructive and exploitative behavior. We can’t go any further.

Feminine leaders and visionaries are the ones who will fix our broken systems, and create the new world that is regenerative, sustainable, just, inclusive, and democratic.

What does it mean to be Goddess Leader?

  • You are brave in letting your highest purpose and vision speak to you.

  • You’re willing to take action on your vision and purpose. In other words, you are an embodied leader.

  • When others oppose your work, you re-root yourself in your own vision and purpose.

How do I practice Goddess Leadership and pay attention to my inner vision?

Glad you asked. The key is to anchor yourself in and have integrity to your own vision first, before creating your product/service, business model, funding model, etc. We help entrepreneurs with this in the Accelerator.

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