Take your world-changing idea out of your head and into reality over 11 weeks.


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Meet Nilima, your venture coach:

MAIN TRACK (open to all):



You have an idea to impact humanity. But you are still honing your vision, message, and offering.

What if you had a step-by-step process and support to help you bring your idea to life?

I built a social venture bringing taboo-breaking sex education and gender sensitization curriculum to half a million teens across India. This was by no means an easy feat. I learned to:

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1. Anchor myself boldly in my vision, or highest purpose. 

2. Win hearts and minds with precise and effective value.

3. Test and iterate my method expediently, for immediate buy-in and longer term scale.

The Goddess Accelerator is your step-by-step guide through this process, to help you create a powerful message and attract a vibrant hive of customers.

What’s more, you will belong to a Tribe of 5 - your team of fellow founders who are with you every step of the way.


Accelerator - How it Works

11 weeks // October 7th, 2019 - December 19th, 2019







In the Main Track, you will receive:

  • Your Tribe of 5, your five-founder circle that meets via video call, twice a month

  • 5 video modules with simply weekly tasks

  • ‘Global Meets,’ webinars for personalized feedback from your venture coach Nilima

  • Graduation certificate from The Female Founders Lab that can be displayed on your Linked In profile

  • Global community of founders (via Slack)

  • Virtual Global Graduation where we celebrate your success**

**Bonus prizes will be given at the end of the Goddess Accelerator for the highest performing Tribes, including the opportunity to pitch at the Global Graduation in December.


Elite Visionary Track

We are on the look out for ventures and organizations that exemplify systemic change toward a new paradigm for humanity.

If your impact venture is fundamentally transformative for individuals, can be replicated or scaled, has the potential to re-birth an industry or sector, and you have shown some traction, apply for the Elite Visionary Track.

You will receive:

  • Everything from Main Track,

+ 1:1 half-day coaching with Nilima via video call

+ pitch to the entire community at Global Graduation

+ be featured on our website, social media, and PR

+ lifetime access to the Female Founders Lab global community

TOTAL COST: $1,500

If you know that you were meant for this, go ahead and invest in yourself.

Cohorts will fill up fast, and officially close Oct 5th.



Am I the right fit for the Goddess Accelerator?

You are a good fit if:

  • you have an idea, offering, concept, product, service, business, venture, or organization that seeks to create a lasting social impact on your customer/beneficiary and the world.
  • you are in the early stages of testing and iterating on your big vision, your value to your customer, and your method, or actual product or service. You may be anywhere from purely concept stage, to having traction, customers, and revenue already, and wanting to achieve the next level of replication and growth.

Some people think that because they don't have anything happening "on the ground" yet, that they are not ready. This isn't true! This is your perfect opportunity to get your idea out of your head, and into the real world, supported by some brilliant peers and community.

Who should apply for the Elite Visionary Track?

If you have some traction (a product, some pilots or customers) and a solution that can activate and transform individuals toward industry-wide systemic change, you should apply.

Though all sectors are ripe for radical transformation, some sectors we love include holistic and preventative healthcare, green and inclusive energy and mobility, future of work, future of education, inclusive and democratic media, and food systems.

If you're still not sure, then go ahead and apply anyway. We love reading your applications and will come up with ways for you to engage deeper with us, regardless of the outcome.

Is there any opportunity to raise investment or funding?

We believe that once you have a solid Vision, Value, and Method and are growing cash flow from your customer base, then the right values-aligned investors will find you. That's why, unlike most accelerators, we don't focus on raising investment as an indicator of success or traction.

We are also big advocates of anchoring into your business model, product-market fit, and big vision securely before bringing in external players, so the coursework (and the pitches at Global Graduation for the Elite Visionaries and prize-winners) will be focused on getting buy-in and purchases from potential customers, users, and community members, rather than raising money from investors.

That said, you never know who might be listening or may be able to make introductions for you in the funding arena, because this is a powerful and connected global community of founders with whom you will be building relationships over the 10 weeks.

How do you measure my success in the Accelerator?

We will have simple tasks for you to complete throughout the course, related to your putting your Vision, Value, and Method into action. At the end of the course, you'll be required to create a short slide deck and present your learnings to your Tribe of 5 over a video call, which will be recorded and shared with us.

Once we verify that you have completed all the modules and submitted your final video, you will receive your Certificate of Completion (sharable on Linked In) from The Female Founders Lab.

When will Elite Visionary applications be reviewed?

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. You should hear yes / no within 2 weeks, or latest by October 3rd. This leaves you enough time to register for the Main Track in case you don't make one of the 15 Elite Visionary slots.

Is there a payment plan available?

There is a payment plan available for the Elite Visionary track, but not for the Main Track.

I've never done an online program before. How do I keep track of what has to happen?

We've streamlined the entire process, so it's as intuitive as possible. There will only be 2 platforms: the course content (via Teachable) and Slack, where you can access your Tribe of 5 and your broader community. You will get reminders and links to all Tribe of 5 calls, Global Meets (Q&A webinars), and the Global Graduation, from your Slack channels.

How does the online Global Graduation work?

It works much like a Demo Day or pitch event, but online and global. In short, we will host an online webinar with a very large capacity, invite everyone who has been a part of the Accelerator as well as our larger community of supporters, and give our Elite Visionaries and Main Track prize-winners a chance to share their offerings. We are designing the event so our featured founders can get immediate purchases and sign-ups in real time during the event. The Global Graduation will also be available for re-play for a few months after the event.

How do the prizes work?

You will see!

Can my co-founder or team member take part in the Accelerator with me?

Yes, but they have to purchase a separate registration.

Are there any offline meetings or gatherings available?

We are working on an offline Hive model, with chapters in various cities around the world. If you're interested in becoming a Chapter leader, please email us at hello@thefemalefounderslab.com.

Questions, concerns, or want to say “hey”? Email hello@thefemalefounderslab.com.